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'We should hire a consultant', I could hear my father groan at my suggestion. 'All a consultant is going to do is look at your watch and tell you what time it is' was his instant response. However, I knew that the economy, the community, even our base customer demographics were changing and evolving. I knew we had to get ourselves more present where our customers (both current and future) were. I just didn't know exactly how to do it and it would have been good to have that help, even just a little bit. That was almost twenty years ago when I ran a small business. Since then I have sold the business, worked to serve the nonprofit sector and focused on building my sales and marketing skills all with a goal that someday I would be able to help other small businesses and nonprofits in a similar way. 


To provide top-level sales and marketing expertise to small businesses and nonprofits for the right amount of time, at the right cost. 


The voice of change and innovation comes from small business and nonprofits and our vision is to show and get the world talking about these change makers. 

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