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Our Services for Nonprofit Marketing

At Anuncier our goal is simple; Provide top-level digital marketing help at an affordable rate for  nonprofits. You know your mission and who you serve. We know what a strong marketing and outreach engine can do for an organization. We want to pull together both of our expertise to come up with a strategy that works. Then we want to get your message out to the world. Below are some different ways we can help

Nonprofit Challenges

Nonprofits come in all different shapes and sizes. While each sector in the nonprofit will have their own unique challenges there are three primary challenges that all nonprofits have regardless of sector. 

Secure Funding

Whether it is fundraising, securing more donors, or going after a contract nonprofits need to fund their work. In many cases it takes multiple channels to fully fund the work in order to fulfill the mission

Attracting Talent

Whether it is new staff, handling staff turnover, securing new and more volunteers - nonprofit organizations need people! This can be challenging for many in the industry 

Community Impact

 Being able to articulate and demonstrate your community impact is a key challenge for many nonprofits.

People want to help, let's get the message to where people are

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